Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Free Flow

I thought I would just sit here and let it go...I am not sure and I do not proclaim to know....I only think I ought to start somewhere....going.....falling....believing.
This is not where I began. I didnt think I would begin where it felt like the end.
I cant say that I ever thought this far. Not really. I think I thought I would stay in the heart of yesterday....maybe because there was something known instead of the fear of the unknown. I sit in the midst of the words, the talents, the images, and I think...I thought, I hoped, I wanted, I dreamed, I did, and I didnt. Did I miss it? Was I awake....did I gravitate? Can I be back there in her, with her, by her? Or is it too late? I am near....I am calling....Crystal lens....distance falling.....Cooperate dear heart. Tell me where and when to start. Battle cry...I feel as if I could die. Cherish him, in our lullaby...sweet baby rest your your fear....breathe deeply and conquer all that is near.Charlie P~


  1. Wow.....I've been patiently waiting for more! What you have written is beautiful and profound. I will read it again and again trying to a sponge. What a powerful voice you have! Have a wonderful day tomorrow! I hope that we can meet up next week.....I miss you. K

  2. You're never going to guess what my word verification was to leave a comment! "sadangl"
    things that make you go hmmmmm!