Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I was in PA this weekend and I was drawn to the aftermath of winter.
Everything was still barren and the garden was yet to be in bloom but I felt strangely attracted the sensations I felt. I welcomed the sunshine. I loved the imperfection of the rust, the dead leaves, the random signs that a garden once lived here and that it will once again live here!
I felt as if I connected with this moment. The emerging of spring is around the corner and I know that in a few days or weeks everything will be in full bloom. The rust will be cleaned off, the lights put back correctly, everything that had tumbled over will be picked back up, and life will be springing from every corner.

But there was something simply beautiful about the remains of winter. Maybe its that feeling of death and the beginning or rebirth. I dont know. I just know that those items scattered around the yard made me feel at home. They called to me. They told me the story of a long winter and they smiled at thought of what was about to spring up.
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