Friday, March 13, 2009

Winding bitterness
Finding mercy within me
as the paths battle
forcing this issue to become
something that it doesn't want to be
Fallen into unforgiving
Misguided principles
Conclusive of flexible body
Incapable of sorry
the forgiving.....
Longing to be unafraid
Mercy, hallelujah, send this course racing through ya
.....Yeah I headed down this road before
Stepping through an outlined door
but never with the depths that this ole body has been aching to explore
Come on-bring it over
Come on- I want to get to know you
As i walk outside
I find her
seeking solace in my knowing
come on over, come on over
there is something I forget I told you....
I love her in all her quirky ways
I love her !!!
Mercy hallelujah send this course racing through you
A glorified notice to this world that I am around
Come on--bring it over
Come on ---I want you to know
Bittersweet this taste inside me
loving the sour familiarity
asI reach this heightened beauty
Singing on the hallelujah --mercy sending me over
Gracing me through.....Come on come on bring it on baby...

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